Friday, November 8, 2013

Bottom Dollar has lowest prices in Philly region, according to study

According to a story on CBS Philly, researchers from the Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook visited supermarkets across the Philadelphia region to see which retailer had the lowest prices. The shoppers compared prices on 151 items, including fresh produce, fresh meat, national brand prepared foods and dairy products.

And the winner is... Bottom Dollar. The discount grocer's basket sold for $78, compared to the same basket at Whole Foods, which cost $134.

Walmart and Wegmans (yes, Wegmans) came in second and third place, respectively. According to Checkbook Executive Director Kevin Brasler, Bottom Dollar, Walmart and Wegmans offered significant grocery savings on a daily basis, as compared to other supermarkets that attract customers with sales.

"Big chains like Acme, Pathmark, Giant and ShopRite really pull customers in with sale prices," said Brasler, who also pointed out that prices on other items can be high and even vary from store to store.

The researchers determined that Giant, Food Lion, ShopRite, Redner's, Target and Weis all have prices that are lower than average. Pathmark and Super Fresh, both owned by A&P, had prices that were higher than average, and Whole Foods and Acme had the highest prices.

Aldi was mentioned as having "steep savings" but a limited selection.


  1. David, Pathmark and Super Fresh have received very few turkeys, and for Thanksgiving that is a very telling sign; that owner A&P is liquidating very soon, so let us wish ShopRite can salvage some of its locations.

  2. NOT TRUE: SuperFresh and Pathmark are giving unlimited FREE turkeys beginning November 14 with your minimum purchase of only $100 or MORE, ONE per visit, please. Thank You, A&P Montvale Headquarters