Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fresh Grocer to join Wakefern, rebrand Drexel Hill store as ShopRite

The Fresh Grocer, an independent grocery chain with eight stores (six in PA), announced yesterday that it was joining the Wakefern cooperative and that it's Drexel Hill, PA store would switch to the ShopRite banner. The seven other stores plan to retain the Fresh Grocer name.

The Fresh Grocer, currently owned by Pat Burns and supplied by Supervalu, will become Wakefern's 50th member when it transitions to the cooperative in October.


  1. David, still strong reports that Wakefern(ShopRite) will bid for a dozen Superfresh and Pathmarks in region from parent A&P, which is quickly disappearing in area. Included are stores in center city and mainline Shoprite is everywhere!

  2. Pat also wants to acquire superfresh at Manoa S C, where he operated an IGA, years ago.