Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A&P going local with store design and product mix

A new marketing strategy for A&P and it's brands (including Pathmark and Super Fresh in the Philadelphia region) is emerging as the formerly bankrupt company tries to increase sales and profits. The new approach, which includes physical improvements and merchandise tailored to the stores' locations, reflects an attempt to make each location "the supermarket of the neighborhood," according to a company spokesperson.

Currently each store looks and feels very much the same as every other store under that specific banner. Going forward, however, A&P plans to renovate or "renew" more than half the company's 320 locations by making the look and product mix a reflection of each store's neighborhood. Advertising will change appropriately as well.

Industry expert Matthew Casey, president of Matthew P. Casey & Associates, thinks A&P has the right idea, but doesn't think the company can pull it off, citing the high cost of such an effort.

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